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Ribelin History

In 1936, Roy Ribelin founded Ribelin Sales for one reason – to provide customers the very best products and service. He also established the guidelines and principles by which we continue to grow – honesty, integrity and credibility.

Since the beginning, Ribelin has challenged our suppliers and our sales people to provide our customers with a competitive edge. The Ribelin legacy of leadership in supplying materials and knowledge to make our customers’ products better will continue to influence what we do today, tomorrow and in the future.

Today, customers have faith in Ribelin because we are committed to anticipating and meeting their exacting demands.

Business Excellence

Every company has a unique culture, it’s own personality. Ours is based on great traditions and a Total Quality Management process which will help us improve all business operations.

Part of the TQM process is to set high individual goals and provide superior performance. We believe this will enable Ribelin to attain world class distinction and become highly competitive in the markets we serve.

The true force behind our TQM process lies in the pursuit of goals shared by everyone from the entry level employee to the highest executive. Quality teams and each employee’s interest in the financial success of the company play essential roles in reaching these goals. Team meetings allow employees to candidly discuss their positions and responsibilities, set objectives, and facilitate solutions.

Being a stakeholder in the financial success of the company provides a sense of belonging. Special bonuses, various rewards and innovative systems are part of the philosophy which equitably distributes profits to all employees.

The desire to reach goals set by the TQM and the proactive, enterprising attitude of Ribelin employees will be the drivers for our company in the 21st century.